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Pearl bids makes silent auctions a breeze. This Silent Auction management, manages your donations, donors
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7 April 2014

Editor's review

This application helps manage auctions. It manages silent auctions for fund raising efforts.

This is an application that can help a non-profit organization conduct silent auctions in their efforts to raise funds. It helps avoid the commotion of standard auctions. This tool will report who donated and what they donated to your auction. Accounting donation reports will tell you exactly what has been donated by whom. These reports could be emailed as a PDF or a CSV file. Pictures can be copy-pasted to each donation. You could enter market value, starting bid and minimum bid steps that could be applied. It is possible to link donations to donors. You could easily switch the donation to another auction. It is possible to organize the auctions by symbolic/virtual table names. The participators can enter bids by table name. As the administrator, you would be able to switch tables, close the bidding tables at different times, etc. The bid sheets printed is by the table names so that things remain organized.

Once bids have been entered, you can see how it is going for each auction. You would be able to asses he potential amount to be raised and actually raised. History of these silent auctions can be maintained as then you can use the list of bidders and invite them for other auctions conducted in future. You will need to purchase a license for conducting bids every year. A sign in sheet captures the attendee details for your use in future. This tool will keep track of donors and attendees. A nice and handy tool, this is a very good product.

Publisher's description

Silent Auctions are easy with the right software. Silent auctions are fun with Pearl Bids: silent auction management. Pearl Bids prints bid sheets and lets you brand you auction and manages your donation. Set the starting bid, the bid step increment and the market value. Pearl Bids calculates each bid increase for you for the bid sheets.

Organize you donation by table (Tavel table, Spa table, dining table etc.) Print beautiful bid sheets, for the selected donations or for each table. Keep track of your donors and write them thank-you letters. Email an accountant donation report.
Collect each attendee information and assign bidding number. Print personalized attendee sign-in sheets with a big bidding numbers for a life auction.
Print personal receipt with the winning bids. Or email them with a PayPal 'buy now' -button. Email an accountant bidding report.
Pearl bids makes silent auctions a breeze.
Pearl Bids
Pearl Bids
Version 7.1.2
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Great software, easy to use and fast way to organize you silent auction . For mac and Windows
Great way to organize your silent auction and print bid sheets. We also bought the bidding licenses which saved us a lot of time and stress
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